Store Construction

Tailor-made individuality through material and form

It is important for a commercial enterprise to optically communicate its brand image. The secret lies in the ability to create fittings and fixtures which largely merge with the background. At the same time, the equipment needs to be sufficiently robust to withstand constant heavy strain. The cross-industrial trend is towards transparency and lightness.

Expanded metal is therefore the ideal choice for modern shop systems.

Fencing / Railings

«Better safe than sorry»

A fence is more than just a demarcation of your property. It is an eye-catcher, a hallmark, something that forms a first impression with visitors. At the same time, the fence also serves to protect your property or act as a windbreak. Whether standard fencing or individual specification, we are able to advise you concerning the virtually limitless possibilities of expanded metals, in order to achieve the optimum solution to your needs.

Decorative Fencing / Privacy Fencing

Choose between open, transparent mesh for fences which allow a view of the premises, or closed mesh to ensure discretion.

Our mesh “Theresia” offers you discretion and longevity. The discreet design of the mesh protects you from inquisitive “guests” but nevertheless offers sufficient transparency to prevent having the appearance of a closed wall. Large and small mesh openings are available. The stable metal construction additionally offers high resistance against storm and vandalism.

Ventilation / Air Conditioning

The art of handling air

In the domain of ventilation and air conditioning, two factors play a deciding role; the regulation of the air flow rate and the implementation of attractive design. The deployment of expanded metal in ventilation and air conditioning systems is consequently a logical step; as an eye-catcher that simultaneously conceals and allows for unimpeded air circulation. Our sophisticated, individual solutions turn these requirements into affordable reality.


Between discreet and distinctive

In the past 10-15 years, the building element staircase has undergone complex design developments. For a long time, the staircase was regarded purely as a necessary building element for overcoming differences in height; now, the staircase is increasingly viewed as a dominant stylistic element in interior design by building owners and architects alike.

A modern staircase must not only possess a perfect construction and optimal step dimensions; an optically harmonious and stylish handrail is also absolutely essential.

In the case of handrail infill, the implementation of expanded metal with its various surface finishes, from coloured powder coating to anodised aluminium, enables the perfect unification of transparency and durability.

Cooling / Heating

Permeated by warmth and cold

The application of expanded metal is effected for aesthetic reasons and ensures an attractive design. The true strength of the expanded metal, however, lies in the technical optimisation of objects and apparatus. Thanks to their excellent permeability, expanded metals provide, for example in cooling and heating devices, an optimal air circulation and temperature distribution.