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Expanded metal is used in a variety of ways in architecture

Facade cladding and privacy screens

Expanded metal can be used as decorative cladding for facades. It offers a modern and aesthetically pleasing look while allowing good air circulation and visibility. Thanks to its openwork structure, expanded metal offers transparency and protection from prying eyes at the same time. It is particularly suitable for outdoor use as it is weather-resistant and durable. It also has a modern and appealing look that matches various architectural styles.

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Railings and fall protection

Expanded metal is often used for railings and guardrails as it offers a high level of stability and safety. It can be used in various designs and patterns to suit the architectural style and requirements of the building.

Sun protection

Expanded metal can also be used as sun protection to reduce the penetration of direct sunlight and at the same time allow good ventilation. It can be installed as a canopy or as part of a sun protection system.

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Ceiling coverings

Expanded metal is also often used as ceiling cladding. It can help to create an interesting and modern look while ensuring good acoustics in the room.

Facade cladding for ventilation systems

Expanded metal can also be used to clad ventilation systems to improve the appearance while ensuring good air circulation.

These applications show the various ways in which expanded metal can be used in architecture to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.