Manufacturing Technology

How expanded metal is produced

The metal is inserted on coils or in the form of plates into the rear of the machine. Each machine is fitted with a special blade which defines the mesh width. The machines are programmed with the necessary parameters and manually controlled by our qualified employees. During the elongation process the raw metal sheet is reformed through systematic slitting and predefined stretching. The metal is either formed into rolls or cut to defined sizes.

The mesh is formed from a single piece of metal

This means that there is nothing to work loose, no fretting strands or strained joins or welds. This makes expanded metal mesh ideal for forming and advantageous for further processing such as flat-rolling and cutting. The stability of the mesh makes it the perfect choice of material in numerous components.

No material is wasted during the process

Your costs are thereby reduced, particularly when compared to other metal processing methods. For example, when metals are perforated, the metal created by the holes is wasted and must be paid for by you. Expanding metals is a traditional method which fulfils the requirements of modern environmentally-friendly engineering standards.

Superior stability-to-weight ratio compared to metal sheets

Difficult to believe, but tested and true. By expanding metal from a solid sheet, additional stability is achieved. The meshes are therefore ideal for gangways, ramps and platforms. The uncut knuckles of the expanded metal mesh are more resistant to stress than welds or other forms of joint.

Anti-skid surface

The knuckles formed by expanding mesh offer secure grip when deployed for steps, ramps and walkways. We have also developed a range of specific slip-resistant walkway meshes. The purchase obtained through the mesh also enables a multipoint contact with dry racks.

Simultaneous exclusion and retention

Particularly suitable for the retention of grain and similar perishable products, as it allows the circulation of air but keeps pests out.

Premium reinforcement properties

Meshes work as a barrier for the purposes of security and storage. Our Securilath products impede illegal access through walls and partitions whilst simultaneously strengthening the resilience of the protected area. For further details please refer to our Securilath product range.

Practical and effective screening

Take a piece of mesh and look through it from different angles; this perfectly illustrates the optical properties of extended metal meshes. Wide strand meshes are deployed in the field of architecture as solar screens on the exteriors of buildings, and in interiors as decorative grilles.

Highly efficient conductor

Electricity, magnetic fields and heat can be transported by expanded metal mesh, as the entire piece of metal forms a continuous conductive connection. There are no breaks or welded seams, as the mesh is formed from a single piece of metal.

Outstanding corrosion resistance

When suitably coated, expanded metal mesh, due to the absence of joins and welding seams, offers better performance than woven and welded mesh. Our mesh is ideal for applications involving industrial acids, for the electroplating of baskets and in seawater for fish cages and lobster pots.

Aperture size

From the finest gauze through to heavy-duty diamond mesh. Our meshes cover the entire spectrum from 1mm mesh length and 0.67mm mesh width through to heavy quality with 300 mm mesh length and 100 mm mesh width.


Highly efficient filtration material and media. For applications involving fat, dust, air, oil and gas. Simple to produce, to form and to further process.