Interior Finishings / Furniture

For functionality and design we have the appropriate answers.

Aesthetic qualities, extreme robustness and stable long-term value – these are the criteria for qualitative high grade furniture. Transparent optical characteristics and virtually infinite possibilities speak for the implementation of expanded metal in the production of furniture and interior finishings. For these reasons, reputable manufacturers from the home furniture, office furniture and garden furniture sectors place their trust in our products.

Sound Insulation

A little quieter would be better? We have the solution

Due to its structure, expanded metal is superbly suitable as a carrier material for sound-absorbing substances, whether for application on roads or motorways, in underground stations or for the shrouding of machines and acoustic ceilings.

(…) excellent characteristics, which we achieve through the vast free cross-section combined with the extreme rigidity of the expanded metal. We, together with our competent project partners, would be very pleased to provide you with tailor-made solutions for your sound insulation, enabling you to utilise your time in focussing on your core business. The many advantages of our sound insulation and noise protection walls include requiring little space, facilitating practical corner solutions and guaranteed long life due to their resistance to atmospheric conditions.

Protective Elements

«Safety first»

Machine elements from expanded metal are used in diverse applications within the fields of engineering and construction; as handhold protection, for shrouding sensitive components, as assembly elements for good ventilation or as supporting elements for an increase in stability.

All the solutions have a common denominator; they all profit from the diverse application possibilities of expanded metal.

Technical products must conform to DIN EN 294. According to this standard, dangerous areas of machines must be adequately protected. Expanded mesh is ideally suited for this purpose.

E10 or Q10 is used to create openings which are smaller than a fingertip.

E20 or Q20 protects the area between finger and finger base or hand.

R42-13 and R62-21 are ideally suited for creating a protected area from the arm to the shoulder joint.

Composites / Metal Bondings

"Whoe'er would form eternal bonds…”

In recent years, numerous new applications have become possible solely through the combination of various materials. In most cases this means a reversion to expanded metal. This is justified by the advantageous mesh geometry, which is available in numerous different sizes and forms, as well as the structure of the expanded metal, which enables an optimal bonding with composite materials.

Expanded metal bestows the necessary rigidity upon unstable structures, creates defined separation distances between materials and assists in the exact absorption or channelling of tractive and impact forces. Electrically non-conductive materials become conductive through the application of expanded metal. The unbeatable cost advantage compared to all other perforated elements is, in addition to the technical advantages, the commercial argument in favour of expanded metal applications.