Boredom has no chance against Sorst expanded metal facades

In industrial architecture, development and production are no longer concealed behind high walls. On the contrary: the architecture should emphasize the function and character of the industrial plant. Transparency creates trust and enables the observer to participate in the procedures within.

Ceiling Linings

Style and Ambience – Sorst Expanded Metal Ceilings

Today, it is difficult to imagine offices and commercial premises without suspended ceilings. The production process of expanded metal endows the expanded metal ceiling with a special character which offers, according to the customer’s requirements, a free or restricted view into the roof cavity. A further advantage is the possibility to optimally illuminate the space under the expanded metal ceiling through, for example, the deflection of artificial or natural light. Interesting variations in light design can be generated when the lights are installed above the lattice construction. The diverse surface structures of our inexhaustible spectrum of mesh variations enable the creation of an unusual ambience. Whether rhombus or square mesh, open or closed system, our wide spectrum bestows an individual appearance upon your premises.

Sun Protection

«It is easier to work by daylight»

The designers of this office building in Berlin applied this phrase in regard to light, air and temperature during the ergonomic creation of the façade. They devised a sun protection system with slats made from expanded metal which facilitated a multiple usage: daylight economy, thermal insulation, sun protection and, last but not least, an unmistakeable appearance.

The myriad of individual domes which are created during the expansion of the metal function as innumerable sun protection slats. At close range the individual slats appear transparent in all directions: from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside.