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„A noticeable increase in value“

Sorst is not simply a manufacturer of expanded metals. We don’t just work with metal sheets. Sorst shows you what you can achieve with expanded metal products and constantly provides you thereby with new ideas and applications. An inexhaustible spectrum of mesh variations guarantees an individual appearance: rhombus or square mesh, solid or filigree, open or closed-view.

Tailored solutions for the widest range of sectors and applications are our speciality. Our technicians are, after all, aware that every market has its own rules of the game. And we love new challenges. Regardless of whether the subject is noble interior design, new effective filtration methods or the creation of a façade; with Sorst Streckmetall you are able to implement exclusive and extraordinary concepts in expanded metal – for every project.

The fact that your application may be missing from our examples does not mean that we are not able to achieve something essential for you. Simply call us and speak to our specialists about your requirements. We will then use this basis to create a tailored solution to your needs. If required, we can provide you with an appropriate sample. In this way, your specifications can swiftly become reality.

“Can you already feel the difference?“