Manufacturing Technology

How expanded metal is produced

"The metal is inserted on coils or in the form of plates into the rear of the machine.
Each machine is fitted with a special blade which defines the mesh width.
The machines are programmed with the necessary parameters and manually controlled by our qualified employees.
During the elongation process the raw metal sheet is reformed through systematic slitting and predefined stretching. The metal is either formed into rolls or cut to defined sizes."

Types of Cut

When cutting the expanded metal mesh to shape, it is important to consider the particular specifications of the cut type (symmetrical with open or closed mesh).
The types of cut are differentiated as follows:

Width symmetrical, length open

Width closed, length open
Mesh is closed in the width.

Width symmetrical, length closed

Width and length closed
The mesh is closed in the width and in the length.

Width and length open

Width and length can be cut to shape as required irrespective of the mesh symmetry.