Manufacturing Technology

How expanded metal is produced

The metal is inserted on coils or in the form of plates into the rear of the machine.
Each machine is fitted with a special blade which defines the mesh width.
The machines are programmed with the necessary parameters and manually controlled by our qualified employees.
During the elongation process the raw metal sheet is reformed through systematic slitting and predefined stretching. The metal is either formed into rolls or cut to defined sizes.

Measurement of Expanded Metal
Mesh Length (ML)
Measurement from knuckle centre to knuckle centre in the direction of the long diagonal.
Mesh Width (MB)
Measurement from knuckle upper edge to knuckle upper edge in the direction of the short diagonal.
Strand Width (SB)
Width of the remaining material between the openings.
Strand Thickness (SD)
Thickness of the employed material.
Mesh Apertures

The aperture between four strands measured vertically to the plane of the expanded metal mesh.

Intersection of four abutting strands.
Knuckle Length

Measurement between two long diagonals
Knuckle Width

Approximately double the strand width.
Expanded Metal Mesh Thickness

Total thickness of the expanded metal mesh.