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Wind Protection Lattices

„So that the wind should not become a problem”

Wind protection slats from Sorst Streckmetall are employed by numerous airports worldwide. Not only in order to fulfil the strictest safety requirements regarding the protection of people, vehicles and buildings against jet stream, but also to prevent damage to aeroplanes caused by the reverse circulation of jet stream.

The wind protection lattices are custom-made in accordance with the individual requirements of the airport.

The combination of reliable protection and transparency is a particularly strong argument in favour of Sorst Streckmetall for this application.

Product: Expanded metal

R115 x 48 x 16 x 3 mm

Steel galvanised, powder coated

Application: Wind break, parking garage

Place: Building centre , Munich

Product: Sorst Wind Protection Lattices

Application: Wind Protection

Place: Airport, Leipzig

Product: Sorst Wind Protection Lattices

Application: Wind Protection

Place: Flughafen, Vienna