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Fencing / Railings

„Better safe than sorry“

A fence is more than just a demarcation of your property. It is an eye-catcher, a hallmark, something that forms a first impression with visitors. At the same time, the fence also serves to protect your property or act as a windbreak. Whether standard fencing or individual specification, we are able to advise you concerning the virtually limitless possibilities of expanded metals, in order to achieve the optimum solution to your needs.


Mesh Security

This economically priced mesh offers optimal transparency and is standard in the safety sector.

Mesh Super Security

This mesh gives security a new character.

The close approximation of the mesh openings prevents the use of powerful cutting tools. The high number of nodes necessitates more than three times the number of cuts, when compared to the aforementioned standard mesh, in order to achieve a hole of the same size. This mesh has been tested by diverse judicial authorities and received praise for its optimal penetration protection.

Mesh Securiflex

Below: stable with small openings in order to hinder climbing and penetration. Above: flexible and transparent.

Our solution: Securiflex!

Up to a height defined by you, the links are more strongly formed. The rest of the fence has the standard form in order to provide optimal transparency for your video detection system.

Decorative Fencing / Privacy Fencing

Choose between open, transparent mesh for fences which allow a view of the premises, or closed mesh to ensure discretion.

Our mesh “Theresia” offers you discretion and longevity. The discreet design of the mesh protects you from inquisitive “guests” but nevertheless offers sufficient transparency to prevent having the appearance of a closed wall. Large and small mesh openings are available. The stable metal construction additionally offers high resistance against storm and vandalism.

Product: Expanded metal Super Security

Application: Safety fence

Place: MRA, Großschweidnitz

Product: Expanded metal

R76 x 35 x 3 x 3 mm

Steel galvanised

Application: Safety fence

Place: Berlin

Product: Expanded metal

R42x13x3x2 mm

Steel galvanized, powder coated

Application: Privacy fencing

Place: Hamburg